Klick Belt vs HSGI Cobra

First Thoughts

I don’t know about you but I wear a belt everyday. I have moved away from leather belts due to deformation and that curl they get if you have some shape to you. Enter that reenforced tactical belt. Both the Klik Belt and HSGI Cobra belt utilize a Cobra buckle. The buckle is the only part of these belts not made in the USA. It’s made in Austria and most tactical belt manufactures have at least one belt in their lineup with it. One of the first considerations for a belt of this kind is the ease of putting it on and I will address this for each belt later. While both of these belts look similar they are different in their own way. Both are high quality and come with a lifetime warranty.

Klik Belt 2 Ply

The Klik Belt has two options for your needs the 1 ply regular duty or the 2 ply tactical duty and each comes in 7 color combinations. to view other options Click Here. Sizing is adjustable about 6 inches from the size you choose. I have found it works for my slim summer weight and heavier winter weight that floats from a 32/33-36. Putting this belt on is like any belt with a cobra buckle. You must take off the male side and thread it through the loops, put male side back on done. It is an extra step to getting dressed in the morning,is it worth it? For me yes. Think about this have you ever had a multitool, handgun, or phone on your belt? Just to go to the restroom or simply get undressed to have the weight pull your belt from your loops and whatever you have attach falls off. Not with this belt. With the Klik Belt I find it easier to take the male end on and off due to the thickness of material being a little thinner. Also the HSGI has velcro which I will describe in a bit. The klik belt uses a small rubber tail keeper similar to a standard belt just tighter. The thinner material and the rubber keeper also make it easier to put this belt on because your pants belt loops are not in the way. 

Carrying tools, concealed carry holster, or open carry holster is no problem for this belt. I would not expect it to be a duty holster and hold up though. It is stiff but with handcuffs, baton, gun, mag pouches, and beyond I feel it would break down. Not because of quality but it just doesn’t feel designed for all that weight. For me though it’s just right with a inside the waistband holster, mag pouch and multitool if I carry it. 

Klik Belt tail Klik Belt inside Klik Belt on


HSGI Cobra 1.5” Rigger Belt

Where The Klik belt leaves off the HSGI Rigger Belt begins. Also available in 1.75 inch, with D-Ring, interior velcro, and 5-6 colors to choose from. To view other options Click Here. The additional stiffness to me is from a thicker webbing and the layers are laminated with an industrial strength adhesive before sewing. There are also 5 rows of stitching vs 3 on the Klik Belt. It’s the little brother to the 1.75 inch version designed to be able to fit more pants due to belt loop size and comfort. No to the velcro on this belt. It is a good and bad scenario. It holds the tail in place more securely and adds to the rigidity to the side you place it on. For me that is the right side where I place my Alien Gear holster.

The bad is the velcro and seam from it being sewn on makes it harder to get the male end of the buckle on and off. Also depending on the size of you belt loops pushing the hook velcro against the loop velcro side is difficult to say the least.

HSGI tail HSGI inside HSGI on



While both of these belts are great it really boils down to need and preference. I purchased the HSGI first and lost enough inches from my waist that it would not adjust small enough. I purchased the Klik Belt because it was new and being a few dollars less decided I would try it. I’m glad I did for everyday wear and usability I find I reach for Klik belt more. Because I have since gained those inches back they both fit. I wear even if I’m not carrying anything on it because I like buckles and like I said earlier I have moved away from leather. I don’t believe you can go wrong with either belt as long as you pick for what your needs are.

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