Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

You could carry around a Bic or you could carry around a Gerber Impromptu. Made of machined steel right here in the USA is one reason. In this review you will find out who should or shouldn’t carry the Gerber Impromptu. 

First Impressions

When you pick up this pen you know its made of steel versus a lighter aluminum or plastic pen. Depending on who you are that is a good or bad thing. For me the weight is fine at 2.20 ounces and I know it’s in my pocket or not. For reference the Bic shown below is .35 ounces. At about the same length it doesn’t take up any additional room in my pocket. As for operation I prefer a clickable pen rather than a capped or twist pen so the Gerber fits the bill there. To view different colors you can check out Amazon.


Gerber Impromptu compared to Bic Velocity Gel


The Good 

One of the best features about this pen is the Rite in the Rain cartridge it comes with. Writes in any weather and upside down. Have you ever tried writing on a calendar and your pen stops writing? Not with this pen. The way this pen is machined creates a secure grip without rubber or something else that could be damaged and catch on your pocket. Grip is also important if needing this pen for self-defense or to break a window. It has an integrated glass breaker for just that if you were in an emergency situation. The build quality is nice and the pieces fit well. The pocket clip slips on the shaft and is solid with no worry of it breaking off.


Gerber Impromptu Teardown


The Bad  

For me the biggest issue I have is the integrated glass breaker tip. When carried in the back pocket over time it can create a hole. With the way I write on occasion it ends up in the way. While I like clickable pens the most this one seems to click out in the pocket. Luckily it has never left a pool of ink which I give credit to the Rite in the Rain ink cartridge. With these issues I still carry it everyday and in the final thoughts on who this pen is best for.


Final Thoughts on the Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

The Gerber Impromptu is a quality pen with more good features than bad for the right person. Being made of steel with a lifetime warranty you can have confidence it will last. You can count on it write when you need it to and be useful in an emergency situation. In my family when I replace this pen with the The Boker PLUS Titan K.I.D. my wife will carry the Gerber. It is perfect for in the purse or wristlet carry. 


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