Suunto Traverse Alpha


There are millions of technology gadgets out there. Where does one even start planning for an upcoming hike, hunt, ski trip, or camping adventure? Here are the 6 Best Pieces of Outdoor Technology Gear 2017 to get you started. Gear Unchained would also like to hear your must haves so if you have Items to add to the list put them in the comments below. 

Garmin Montana® 610t Camo

If you are doing any hunting, scouting, hiking, or anything else outdoors chances are you have come across a spot you would like to save so that you can come back to or simply record it for future reference. Phones have advanced but I know hunting where I do service is an issue. I have the Garmin Oregon 650t which is the 3 inch screen version with camera. Two of my hunting partners have the Montana series and the 4 inch screen is nice, a little heavier/bulkier but a much better experience. When you need to mark where that waterfall you found is or that Whitetail you just harvested is after making the first trip to the truck get yourself a Garmin.



OnXMaps unlocks the power of the Garmin GPS by showing you all the information you need while taking on the outdoors. Federal, state, and private landowner boundaries and information. State specific with road and trail information. I have the Montana one and would never go out without it especially if hunting new territory. I want to know where the animal and I are so I can make sure I’m not trespassing or to see the chance of the animal making it to private land. If you venture into the outdoors and need to know where you are and whose land your on get onXmaps.



GoPro HERO5 Black


Hiking the Grand Canyon, on the hunt of a lifetime, or playing catch with your kid. Have you ever wished you could capture the moment hands free? GoPro has you covered. I have the GoPro HERO4 Black and love it. The HERO5 Black has many updated features along with a 2-inch Touch Display and voice control. If you don’t have an action camera already or need to upgrade consider the GoPro




From Suunto: The Suunto Traverse Alpha combines a strong quality build with a full set of outdoor features. It is your guide in the wild, keeping you on track with GPS/ GLONASS navigation, while specific hunting and fishing features provide useful tools for your activity, including automatic shot detection, moon phase calendar, sunrise alert, weather trend alert, and red backlight for nighttime use. 



DJI Mavic Pro

Drones are taking off in a big way. Taking to the sky for spectacular aerial videos can have many applications. Possibilities are endless when you can record and view things you could never reach on your own. Flying around in an airplane or helicopter is the other option but lets face it, the cost to do that is not practical. For a reasonable solution the Mavic Pro is a great solution.


Brightech SCORPION 10,000 mAh Car Jump Starter and Power Bank


Have you ever been off the beaten path get out of the truck shutting your door quietly to not alert what may be just outta sight? Only to get back after a day stalking or sitting in the stand to a dead battery cause the light stayed on. I have and its no fun waiting on the next vehicle to come by. Big jumpacks take up valuable space when you have a bunch of gear or multiple people in with you. Even on new vehicles finding a charging port for everyone’s phone, GPS, or camera is difficult. The ability to throw the Scorpion in you pack and have power with you at all times makes up for the one time you don’t.


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